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On-demand Doula pregnancy support and massage therapy from expert care providers. In-person or virtual.


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A New Life is Too Important to Risk

Get Ready to:

Feel empowered and in control to make your own decisions.

Know that someone is looking out for your family’s best interests.

Have confidence in the plan for your child’s birth.

Harness your newfound ‘super-abilities’ as confident parents.

I always felt like birth was supposed to be a beautiful experience. There was nothing glamorous about the birth of my baby. I started to search for answers about why I felt this way and went through such an unpleasant experience. Then, I discovered a doula. I never knew that I had other options, and I feel that everyone needs to know that there is a better way.

Your Doula is the one constant along your journey.

Your nurses and doctors may change – but your Doula will always be there for you. Here’s how:


This time is for us to get to know each other over phone, via Zoom, or meet in person. This consultation is free of charge and there are no obligations.

Mommy Hour

We will dig deep to find out the details of your ideal birth experience. We will debunk myths about birth & discuss evidence-based facts.

Phone & Email Support

I am available to you via phone, text, and email from the day we begin working together until after the baby is born.

On Call

I go on call for 24/7 for birth starting at 38 weeks and continuing through the delivery of your beautiful healthy baby.

Labor Support

I provide continuous labor support from the onset of labor extending through 2 hours post-delivery.

Immediate Postpartum Support

After delivery I help with breastfeeding and bonding. This includes latch techniques and breastfeeding basics.

Postpartum Visit

Usually occurs within a week post-delivery. We will address any concerns about breastfeeding and your personal postpartum care.


The Path to Your Perfect Birth


Complimentary consultation & education.

To start our process, we offer a complimentary consultation and review of your pregnancy & childbirth goals.


Tailor your custom birthing plan.

As a Doula, we will create the ideal roadmap for your pregnancy and birth based on your preferences.


Constant support from pregnancy to birth.

We’ve been through and have seen it all. We know how to support and provide much needed help.


Ongoing post-partum support & resources.

Childbirth is just the beginning. There are plenty of challenges that we will assist you with after pregnancy.

What’s the difference between Traditional & Holistic birth?

An unbiased fact-based breakdown of the pros and cons of both traditional and holistic births.

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