Mindfulness Training for Childbirth Preparation | A Guide

September 6, 2022

Childbirth is a rite of passage that women have undergone from the dawn of time. It’s an ending, a new beginning, an awakening. Every woman that experiences childbirth emerges with a new strength, one that she wasn’t sure she would be able to find within herself.

During pregnancy, the fear of childbirth can become a burden. Instead of embracing the nine special months leading up to birth, being physically and mentally prepared, these women can experience strong labor pains, as well as a difficult adjustment to postpartum life. Not only that, but stress in the mother can create troubles for the baby and can negatively impact the birth experience and outcome.

Childbirth can be a beautiful, awakening experience if the mother is able to move beyond fear into a place of awareness, validation, and acceptance. This can be accomplished through mindfulness training during pregnancy, in preparation for childbirth.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of awareness that can reduce stress and anxiety, replacing them with internal calm and peace. The state of mindfulness requires a focus on the present with an acceptance of any thoughts and feelings.

When used for childbirth preparation, mindfulness is able to eliminate pains and ensure mental and emotional readiness throughout the pregnancy and before/during/after birth.

Mindfulness Training During Pregnancy

Through Mindfulness Training for Childbirth Preparation, women will develop an accurate awareness of their present moment and increase their emotional flexibility. They learn how to accept their current state and happenings, as well as gain control over their reactions.

By learning how to be present during childbirth, they are preparing themselves to be physically and psychologically aware and capable. When the mother uses mindfulness techniques during childbirth, they are encouraging a positive state of mind to carry them into their postpartum days, which helps them through the stress of adapting to their new baby.

Find a mindfulness training class during pregnancy to meet with other expectant mothers and learn how to be fully present during childbirth. You will learn techniques such as meditation, mindful yoga, body scan, and more. All of the techniques that you learn will be used during labor and in your postpartum days to ensure a beautiful and smooth transition into your next phase of life, motherhood.

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