Practical Advice for New Parents

September 6, 2022

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the most life-altering things that we experience as human beings. The weeks and months before and after the birth of a baby can be both exhilarating and exhausting, and parents are required to adjust to a new reality that didn’t exist before. We’d like to offer some practical advice to new parents and to those who are expecting!

5 Pieces of Practical Advice for New Parents

First and foremost, be gentle with yourself. 

It’s best to let go of any expectations you may have and embrace whatever is going on right now. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to other people. Your experience is not going to be like anyone else’s. There are so many variables we can’t anticipate and over which we may have little control. So give yourself some grace if you sometimes (or often) have moments that are less than blissful.  EAnd enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member whenever you can. Most people are eager to help new parents, especially those who have been there before and know how overwhelming it can be.

Get rest when you can. 

Sleep when the baby sleeps, even if it means leaving the chores undone for a little while. The housework can wait. Really, it can. IAnd if someone is offering to do it for you, by all means, take them up on it. New parents need all the help you can get!

Set boundaries when needed.

As new parents, you may be overloaded with offers for help or advice that you didn’t ask for and don’t appreciate. If you feel like well-meaning friends or even strangers are not respecting your privacy, just remember that you don’t owe anything to anybody right now. Feel free to politely but firmly set boundaries with anyone who is making you feel stressed or uncomfortable.

Don’t worry too much about buying all the things. 

Babies don’t require very much from you. They need some clothing and diapers to wear, a place to sleep, some food to eat, and a pair of loving arms (or a carrier) to hold them. If you have those things, you probably have enough. It’s fairly common for parents to realize they bought things that they didn’t actually need, after all, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fully outfitted, magazine-worthy nursery. As you get to know your baby and their needs, you’ll have a better idea of what will actually work for you.

Enjoy these moments.

Yes, as every stranger on the street will likely feel free to tell you, they do grow up so quickly. Cherish these crazy, exhausting moments as new parents with your little one, and do whatever you can to focus on nourishing yourself, your baby, and your family as you journey together on this new path.

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